Human Computer Interaction (HCI) / usability

Computers are an integral part of everyday life, used by individuals of every age at work and at home. They are essential in almost every business activity and are commonplace for personal use. The use of computers or computer-based technology frequently requires a two-way exchange of information between the computer and its human users. This has given rise to the study and discipline of Human Computer Interaction or ‘HCI’.

Our Human Factors staff include HCI specialists who are able to advise on both the design of the information, presentational aspects of the user interface and the design of the interaction or user experience. We apply well-established principles (e.g. international standard ISO 9241) concerning the simplicity, clarity, predictability and consistency of the design, which help to ensure that the HCI is as efficient and effective as intended. These ‘usability’ principles are intended as high-level design guidance only; they are not intended to be followed blindly or to be taken to their logical extremes (e.g. the principle of simplicity does not mean that complex or multi-level features are not permissible). Prototyping and testing of the HCI is therefore an important element of the work. Our team is also able to draw on the expertise of our engineers from our Systems, Software and Solutions division

In 2015, as part of a DHCSTC research study for the Ministry of Defence to update its HFI Policy, Standards and Guidance, we completed the update of the HCI Technical Guide.

For more information about Human Computer Interaction please contact us via email or call +44 (0) 1905 368 175.

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