Human Factors Integration

Human Factors Integration (HFI), as distinct from Human Factors, is a systematic, management process for identifying, tracking and resolving human-related issues to ensure a balanced development of both the technological and human aspects of Capability. The process, mandated by the Ministry of Defence (MOD), is the means by which the Equipment and People Components of operational Capability are made to work as a unified whole.

In the context of Defence, HFI provides an audit trail that demonstrates that Human Factors issues, from equipment usability to operators’ skills and training, have been adequately addressed during acquisition. HFI applies equally to unmanned systems, which must still be operated, maintained and supported by people.

We apply HFI in accordance with MOD Defence Standard 00-250 Human Factors for Designers of Systems. Under the auspices of the Defence Human Capability Science & Technology Centre research programme, Resource group is involved in a key study for MOD to update HFI policy, standards and guidance used in defence acquisition. The study, conducted in collaboration with BAE Systems and Frazer-Nash Consultancy, will result in significantly revised HFI documentation, and a new Human Factors Integration Management System (HuFIMS) website.

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