Niteworks membership

We've become associate members of Niteworks through our Embedded Systems & Solutions division.

Samantha Page, Head of Commercial / Partnering said:
β€œThe Niteworks MOD and industry partnership continues to receive excellent feedback on the work it carries out, reinforcing the quality and value of our interventions. I look forward to both PA and Resource Group playing an active role in our strong and vibrant partnership.”

Established by the MOD in 2003, the Niteworks partnership consists of the major UK defence companies, a diverse associate community of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), a range of specialists and academia, together with the MOD and Dstl. It embraces traditional, global defence providers as well as broader suppliers.

The Niteworks approach enables MOD to rapidly assemble expertise in an impartial environment, with access to prior knowledge and industry Intellectual Property from across the Defence community. It brings together knowledge of the Problem and Solution Space which enables a better understanding both of the feasibility of recommendations and allows them to be rigorously tested and challenged from a range of perspectives – blending incumbent knowledge with the fresh thinking of new suppliers – be they generated by SMEs or a global company.

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