B1 Limitation Removal

Course description

The changes from the UK National Licensing system to EASA licences means that the traditional A&C Licence Holder is now required to perform electrical maintenance tasks in addition to the traditional airframe and engine maintenance tasks.

Although a restricted B1 licence can be issued without any further training, this restricts the authorisation capability of the licence holder to the exact authorisation areas they held before the change to EASA licensing. Individuals can retain authorization, 'grandfather rights', but these expire when the individual moves company or the existing company adds a new aircraft type.

To remove limitations 1 and 9 and to attain an unrestricted B1 licence the following modular and sub modular examinations need to be passed. The added advantage of attaining an unrestricted B1 licence is that you can extend the licence to include the B2 category.

Course objectives

To provide students with the knowledge to perform electrical maintenance tasks removing limitations 1 and 9 from a B1.1 or B1.3 licence.

Course duration

Modules can be booked from the open course schedule.

Course modules

Additional information

Irish Licence (IAA)

If you have been issued an Irish license or are working towards this license, please inform the sales team at the point of booking so the information we have for you is accurate. Failure to do so may result in the IAA rejecting your certificates.

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