RPQs Testimonials

“From the initial contact the service has been excellent with phone calls, emails and social media contact all returned swiftly and exceeding expectations…the course delivery was excellent, well-paced and the instructors a pleasure to be with. You will certainly be our preferred suppliers for UAV advice and training going forward.”
Matt Harmsworth

"Although the three days were very intense, we were given some great insight into every aspect of flying platforms. It was a fantastic eye opener and introduced not only CAA levels of expectation, but also standards we are all as operators expected to keep."
David Caine

"The staff at Resource Group have invaluable experience and all deliver the training in friendly and approachable manner whilst always conveying the real need for abiding by regulations and best practices. We would not hesitate to recommend them to others for the training and assessment of operators and help navigating the CAA permissions process.”
Helen McKenzie, Richard Allitt Associates Ltd

"There is no denying it was hard work and their standards were high, nonetheless, the training provided and the nature of everyone involved has to receive a 10/10 from me."
Eddie Mitchell, Aerial-News

"The Resource Group team was very supportive on the phone and quick to respond to emails which helped me to arrive at a business solution for my production company with minimum fuss. There has never been a shred of doubt that I had made the right business decision by choosing Resource Group to help further my business goals and achieve the aim of being awarded my Permissions For Aerial Work by the CAA."
Simon Orr, Dream Evolution Pictures

"Entering this new industry from a non flying background, Resource Group have given us the knowledge and skills to take our RPAS service to a professional level and enable us to provide a service that is both safe and effective."
Alan Roberts, VizWorx Ltd

"I'm proud of my RPQ-s and know this will be the beginning of an effective ongoing professional relationship."
Jason André, Eagle Eye Imaging

"The RPQ-s flight examination was well organised and tailored excellently to test both the capabilities of my RPAS and my skills as a pilot."
Elliott Corke, Hexcam

"If you're looking to gain this qualification with Resource Group, don't delay, Do It!"
Ben Kenobi, Rogue State Media

"The training provided by Resource Group was exemplary and the level of professionalism and in depth knowledge displayed by the team was outstanding. I feel it has given me all the information I need and the best start possible for a career in the UAS industry." 
Pat Rickerby, Director, Intelligent Mapping Solutions

"Every phase of the training was logically sequenced and aimed and tested at the right level, ensuring the end product is a credible and safe remote pilot."
Mark Jones, Operations Director, Flying Elephants Aerial Solutions Ltd




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