Introductory Flight Training

£300 (incl. VAT)

Course description

 Are you:

  • New to the industry?
  • Have you just purchased a new drone device?
  • Thinking about starting up a new business using your drone?
  • Looking to fly recreationally but want to put safety first?

The Introductory Flight Training course is a one day course specifically aimed at providing you with the necessary core skills to operate safely. Run by our highly experienced and qualified pilots, it covers the basic yet essential knowledge of your drone system. 

Each element of the one day course has been carefully designed to ensue that knowledge is built upon and developed, providing the student with the confidence to operate their platform in a safe and legal manner.

Topics covered include:

  • Aircraft overview                             * Emergency procedures                   * Simple aircraft manoeuvres 
  • Aircraft set up                                 * Deployment procedures                  * Flying in GPS mode
  • Aircraft controls                               * Buddy box flying                            * Flying in ATTI 


 Course objectives

To increase a student's understanding of drone use and the necessary core skills to operate them safely. 


£300.00 (inc VAT)


Booking your Introductory Flight Course

To undertake this course, please contact our Unmanned Aviation Services division on +44 (0) 1633 835 123 or email



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