Resource Group Assist Royal Navy with Drone Inspection of Wartime Ships


Resource Group has again demonstrated its capability to effectively deploy high tech drones in a highly regulated, safety conscious environment by carrying out an inspection of the Royal Navy Type 45 destroyer HMS Diamond's 150m hull.

The Royal Navy commissioned the trial via the Defence UAS Capability Development Centre (UAS CDC) at Portsmouth Naval Base early last week. Despite challenging environmental conditions described as 'typical for the dockside', Resource Group's specialists were able to deliver high quality, high definition, still and video images that provided vital information on the warship's condition. This was accomplished in a fraction of the time and cost when compared to more traditional methods.

The highly skilled operators piloting agile but enhanced stability drones specifically designed for the purpose, also negated the need for expensive scaffolding and removed any health and safety risks associated with persons working at height. It is thought after this trial, that using drones will also allow performance of checks at sea, where it is impossible to erect scaffolding.

HMS Diamond's Commanding Officer, Commander Marcus Hember said: "I am delighted Diamond could assist in such an important trial. The Royal Navy is an advanced high-tech service and the ability to reduce time and cost during these maintenance periods as well as allowing ships to diagnose their own defects at sea will enhance the operational capability and flexibility of the Navy deployed worldwide."

Ian Fitzpatrick, Managing Director of Resource Group's Unmanned Aviation Services division said: "We are delighted to have supported the Royal Navy with this highly successful trial. Many of Resource Group's capabilities are founded on regulatory compliance and flight safety, whilst utilising the latest technology to deliver expert solutions to a wide variety of industries. We look forward to expanding this trial and to helping the Royal Navy further realise the benefits these technologies offer."  

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