Classroom Learning

A comprehensive two day ground school phase consolidates theoretical learning with a range of baseline and intermediate classroom-based modules that deliver key elements of drone platforms. Each module aims to build the students’ level of knowledge towards a practical application of skills. The culmination of the theory lessons is a structured assessment to test the depth of students’ knowledge.

The final phase of the ground school module is concerned with acquiring the practical skills required for operating a drone. Lessons are practically based and focus on safety/risk management (pre-planning and a comprehensive on-site risk assessment). At a predetermined location, students learn to set up an operating area and apply safety measures in accordance with regulation, whilst optimising the conditions for the completion of the task.

Learning Objectives:


Flight Assessment

Students will only be considered for a Flight Assessment after a minimum of 7 days from successful completion of their ground school and the submission of flight reference cards and technical specifications supporting the operation of their drone during the flight assessment. The flight assessment should be completed within 90 days from the date of the student completing ground school.

(Note: Only on a case by case basis will a flight assessment be conducted within 7 days of a student completing their ground school or beyond the recommended 90 days - for example environmental conditions.) 


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