Assessment Day

The Assessment day has been designed to:

  • assess the student's working knowledge of their drone, their operating skills, and the safety measures they have in place to ensure risk mitigations. 
  • provide guidance to the student in reference to their operations manual

The assessment is tailored around the student's requirements and drone platform capabilities.

This is achieved by the following:

a. The submission of the RPAS technical specifications (these must be submitted a minimum of 7 days before a student's scheduled flight assessment)

b.  The student will be required to pass a theory examination based on the Distance Learning.

c. The student will be firstly guided through a deployment and planning exercise. They will then be expected to complete a full deployment survey (mission planning) of a task issued during the flight assessment day.

d. Once on site the student will be expected to complete an on-site survey (risk assessment) of the tasking area. 

e. The student will operate their drone within Visual Line Of Sight (VLOS) airspace unless specified during the booking process.

(Note: Extended Visual Line Of Sight (EVLOS) and night assessment can be arranged as required and will be at an additional charge). 

Pilot Competency

The flight assessment largely determines that a student has acquired a particular set of basic skills. A student must demonstrate skills including take-off, climbing, descending, turning, holding altitudes and headings accurately as well as landing. Recognition and recovery from unusual situations, such as link lost, fly away, an air incursion situation and operator incapacitation are also assessed to ensure that the student has the basic 'tools' to keep themselves and/or third parties safe.

The assessment will be carried out using one, all or a combination of navigational modes chosen by the student to operate their done. 

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