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Resource Group’s values are strongly rooted in our Swiss parentage in Resource International Group Investments (RIGI). As well as being fully held in Switzerland, our Swiss operating businesses enjoy diverse and fruitful relationships with the country’s primary aviation and aerospace organisations. Accordingly, we take great pride in our strong culture of quality and precision. Our core values are the fundamental beliefs of our organisation. These guiding principles dictate our outlook and behaviour internally and externally. They represent what Resource Group stands for; expert solutions, adding value

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Resource Group is a privately owned business serving the recruitment and training needs of the Aviation and Aerospace sector for some 40 years. The Group has evolved into a substantial business which offers an array of human resource-based services and solutions. Growth has been achieved through a mix of organic development and strategic acquisition.

Today, Resource Group employs over 100 people across the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France and Asia, with over 1100 staff deployed on contracts across the globe. The Group trains in excess of 1000 industry professionals annually.



Our core values are the fundamental beliefs of our organisation. These guiding principles dictate our outlook and behaviour.


When people buy our products and services, they want the real thing delivered by real people.

High Standards

Our personal and professional values are reflected in our commitment to delivering standards that meet or exceed industry norms. Our internal cultural standards mean that we are fast and flexible, dynamic and adaptive and deliver pragmatic and value-based solutions to our customers in order to succeed.


We speak with truthfulness and sincerity, acting with morality and fairness, and behaving professionally and with personal integrity. We encourage our employees to be true to themselves, proud of what they do and to be the best they can be.


Means acting like we own the business, thinking outside the box, being creative and seizing opportunities to grow and develop. It also means properly prioritizing our life to achieve a meaningful balance of work and play, career and self.


We take a long-term outlook and make long-term value based decisions. We tread lightly whilst making the most positive impact possible.


Our mission is to enable the world's leading aerospace and aviation businesses to achieve their full potential through addressing critical industry skill shortages by delivering unrivalled, sustainable, resourcing and training services.

Our vision is to achieve our objectives through our determination to meet our customers' needs while remaining true to our core values of honesty, authenticity, high standards, entrepreneurship and sustainability.


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Resource Group has a diverse portfolio of brands that serves the recruitment, employment and training needs of the Aviation and Aerospace sector.

Resource Group’s Flight Crew Services division (Contractair) has been involved in the provision of Aviation personnel and support solutions for more than 40 years and in this time has established relationships with some of the world’s leading airlines and operators.

Resource Learning Design specialises in the rigorous analysis of organisational training requirements and the development of bespoke training solutions within the public and private sector. Much of our work is in high risk and safety critical environments, predominantly Defence, Government, Aviation, Civil and Space.

Resource Group has developed a powerful Learning Design and Digital Solutions offering running through its newly constituted iAcademy brand. The iAcademy offering is embedded in Resource Group’s Training Solutions Division which has an 18-year track record of approved EASA, UKCAA and GCAA training delivery.

We are able to tailor our services to your requirements, from a comprehensive Ferry/Delivery package to a Full Operational Support Service or simply providing Flight Crew from our extensive base of current crews. Our One Call service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving you the peace of mind, in knowing that we are there to react quickly to your needs at any time.