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Aluminium for Aerospace

For decades, aircraft manufacture has relied on aluminium alloys as an integral component and while the materials have evolved and improved as further technological advances are made, the core benefits of the materials used have stayed the same. Fundamentally, aluminium alloys allow for aircraft with improved strength to weight ratios, resulting in a reduced environmental impact.
Due to its high versatility, the use of the aluminium alloys has been adopted throughout the manufacture of aircraft components and continues to do so today. The aerospace industry continues to benefit from the alloy’s properties in order to create safer and more reliable aircraft.

With the long-term use of the material guaranteed within the aviation sector, it is essential that there is a consistent thread of suitably qualified and trained personnel available to maintain and repair this material and components. Undertaking a sheet metal training course can not only be used towards the CAA requirement for practical experience, but can also be used towards career progression, as a unique skill in a marketplace.

Resource Group’s Advanced Structural Hand Skills training course delivers practical exercises that simulate actual repairs enabling the engineer to effect industry standard repairs with confidence. As well as an “off the shelf” course, our in-house Learning Design team can tailor specific elements of the course to our client’s requirements enabling us to meet specific requirements.
The practical exercises will include:

Phase 1: Manufacture

• Quality in Aeronautical Engineering
• Workshop equipment and safety practices
• Aeronautical metals and component manufacture
• Aircraft solid and blind fasteners

Phase 2: Repair

• Repair of aircraft structures
• Damage tolerance and SRM data
• Trimming and drilling

For more information, please visit www.resourcegroup.co.uk

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