ETOPS (Extended-range Twin Engine Operations)

Introduction to Extended-range Twin Engine Operations and familiarity with the implications.

2 hour(s)
UK English

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The course has been specifically designed to give users a thorough overview of ETOPS fundamentals, focusing on key topics and concepts.

ETOPS (Extended-range Twin-engine aircraft Operations, or Operational Performance Standards) procedures and best practices are relevant to a broad spectrum of personnel involved in aviation.

This cost effective eLearning training course provides an introduction to ETOPS and familiarity with the implications. The material is relevant in particular to maintenance engineers, technicians and instructors.

The course is in a modular form covering the following core subject areas:

  • What ETOPS is, what it means, and why it exists. A quick look at related aircraft and the separate focus areas of ETOPS.
  • A short history of flight and how ETOPS came into being. How ETOPS evolved over the years and why.
  • ETOPS approval, what is it, why would you need it and how to get it.
  • Maintenance considerations of ETOPS, why it’s important for engineers, technicians, and other personnel involved in the process.
  • Aircraft Type Design, what considerations are necessary for aircraft to be allowed to gain ETOPS approval. A few examples of flight tests for ETOPS.
  • A quick look at some manufacturer’s checklists for ETOPS.
  • The different ETOPS ratings and what they mean for aviation.
  • EDTO, and how it relates to ETOPS. Implications for the transition from ETOPS to EDTO.

On successful completion of the course a certificate of completion will be available.


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