Minimum Navigation Performance Specification (MNPS)


2 hour(s)
2 years
UK English

About The Course

This course is designed to provide information on Minimum Navigation Performance Specification (MNPS), in particular in the North Atlantic region.

The course covers:

  • Information contained within the NAT HLA (MNPS) North Atlantic (NAT) document 007
  • Special Areas of Operation in the North Atlantic
  • Mach Number Technique (MNT)
  • Oceanic Track System (OTS) and Track Messages
  • Oceanic Weather Deviation and Oceanic Contingency Procedures
  • Monitoring and Reporting

It is organised in the following sections:

  • Operational Approval and Aircraft System Requirements for Flight in the NAT MNPS Airspace
  • Construction of the OTS
  • Other Routes and Route Structures
  • Flight Planning
  • Oceanic ATC Clearances
  • Communications and Position Reporting Procedures
  • Application of Mach Number Technique
  • MNPS Flight Operation and Navigation Procedures
  • ATS Surveillance Services
  • Monitoring of Aircraft Systems and Crew Performance
  • Procedures in the Events of Navigation System Degradation or Failure
  • Special Procedures for In-Flight Contingencies
  • Check Lists for Pilots
  • Guarding Against Complacency
  • Prevention of Deviations from Track as a Result of Waypoint Insertion Errors