Performance Based Navigation (PBN) & GNSS

The PBN eLearning course provides pilots with the required theoretical knowledge to fly GNSS approaches safely.

3 hour(s)

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The eLearning ground school course is designed to provide pilots with the required theoretical knowledge to fly GNSS approaches safely.

Before starting RNAV (GPS/GNSS) approach or LPV approach practical training of the pilot must be qualified to fly RNAV1 (P-RNAV) arrivals and departures in accordance with OM-D and also to fly Overlay approaches. It is permissible to combine these courses so that a pilot receives all the required elements of each course and therefore qualifies for RNAV (GPS/GNSS) approached and LPV approaches concurrently.

The course contents includes:

Regulatory Requirements
Concepts of PBN (Specifications, Infrastructure, Applications)
PBN/RNP/RNAV Terms and Definitions
PBN Performance by Phase of Flight
PBN Benefits and Requirements  (Navigational Equipment/Qualifications)
RNP & RNAV Concepts and Benefits
RNP Accuracy Requirements
On-board Performance Monitoring and Alerting
RNP and RNAV Utilisation (RNP 1,2,4,5,10,APCH, AR APCH, A-RNP)
GNSS Concepts
GNSS Accuracy and Errors

GNSS Accuracy Improvement Systems (SBAS/GBAS) and Coverage
RAIM Concept
PBN Airspace Requirements
RNP Approach Procedures and Terminology (LPV, APV, LP, VNAV)
Regulatory Requirements for RNP Approach Operations
RNP Approach Considerations including path terminator definitions
Temperature Compensation
FMS Procedures
Operational Procedures and Contingencies
Helicopter Point-in-Space (PinS) Arrivals
Approach Chart Characteristics

On successful completion of this course a certificate will be made available.


This course meets the requirements mandated by EASA or recommended training but the courses do not hold a stand-alone approval in their own right. Any aircraft operators using these courses need to evaluate the content and delivery of each course and then approve the use of it under their Operations Manual (OM-D) with their local National Aviation Authority (NAA).