HR Solutions

Resource Group offers a range of end-to-end specialist Human Resources (HR) consultancy services in the aviation and aerospace sector, helping clients to not only reduce HR costs, but also improve the delivery of HR strategy, enhance employee satisfaction and maximise employee performance.

HR remains an essential activity in every company of our sector, large or small, bringing talent into the company, managing it and developing it, but also being vital in protecting companies from costly legal cases when the working relationship deteriorates.

Resource Group can assist by working alongside our customers to save time, streamline recruitment process and assist with any aspect of recruitment and human resources. We offer different services from a bespoke screening process and performance management to inductions and exit interviews. We can provide a complete solution and help solve any issue that you may have.

The main areas requested by our clients are outlined below and can apply not only for flight crew members but also for office personnel, mechanics, and all departments.

  • Assessment Centre
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Performance & Promotion
  • Analytics
  • Organization & others
  • Documentation

Outsourcing Solutions:

Separate but integral to the HR function of any company is the recruitment of suitable staffing. We fully understand the complexity of the management of this process, but we have accrued more than 40 years of experience in the sector of aviation and aerospace providing such services for our clients. We will act as intermediaries to solve problems, streamline processes, and provide consultative experience in any area of management, supporting employees and companies to maximize their potential.

By providing this menu of services we have helped companies to have the ability to be able to focus on their strategic objectives of growing and expanding the business and provide support to specifically defined tasks.

Our services offer, amongst other solutions, the following functions:

• Provision of a link between the operations and aircrew.
• Integration of recruitment, assessment, on-boarding and training into a seamless process
• Supervision and management of the training requirements of aircrew until line release.
• HR consultancy services (screening process, performance management, inductions, exit interviews…)

Our services are focused on providing a strongly communicative, stable, and supported HR management function for the Clients management to liaise with. As expected, we also provides support and advice for compliance and liability issues.


Why Outsourcing and HR Services with Resource Group?

The benefits to choosing our Outsource & HR services come from several areas including:

1. Optimisation of cost and resources:
•for recruiting, hiring and training due to economy of scale.
• of long-term internal personnel salaries.
• In time saving.
2. Releasing internal HR staff to concentrate on other important tasks
3. Focus on the main activity, with quantifiable measurables in service levels as required.
4. Adaptability to applicable legislation and administration management.
5. Increased productivity.
6. Access to innovation from external methods.
7. Risk Reduction.
8. Easy and experienced implementation.

Our approach is tailored to save you time, money and stress. Our services are customised and adapted to each individual client as required to maximise success.