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Human Factors in everyday life

Arguably aviation professionals think that Human factors is exclusively associated with Aircraft Safety.

However if you think this you’d be wrong.

 A growing body of academic articles and research evidence is available across a number of disciplines and industries focussing on Human factors in error management at work.

 Just Google “Human Factors” and you can see Human Factors referenced by the NHS & RCN, the HSE, the Rail Safety and Standards Board as well as the CAA.

 Human factors also plays a surprising role in engineering and design.

 Have you ever stopped to think why the buttons on a calculator and a push button telephone are in a different numerical sequence?

 No, nor had I.

 Apparently this is an example of Human Factors engineering. The design is like it is because in the number format they are, you are less likely to make an error when dialling. Who’d have thought?

 See the full article https://www.britannica.com/topic/human-factors-engineering written by William K. Holstein & Alphonse Chapanis.

 If you want to discuss how Resource Group might be able to assist you with Human Factors Training even if you don’t work in our specialist area of Aviation Human Factors Training where we have a number of off the shelf training solutions, please contact us on 01285 772690 or email att.info@resourcegroup.co.uk. 

 Neil Williams – Head of Training Delivery

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