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INTERVIEW: Flying with first-choice airline, Aegean

With several opportunities currently available to fly with Skytrax’s Best Regional Airline, Aegean Airlines, we spoke with Captain Marian Petrache to ask about why he chose to fly with them, and his experience applying through Contractair.

Aegean Airlines and Contractair have had a long-standing partnership, with Contractair providing support recruiting pilots year-round for their available roles. With Aegean Airlines winning Skytrax’s Best Regional Airline for the eighth consecutive year, they are an attractive and well-regarded airline to work for.

We spoke to Captain Marian Petrache, who has been working with Contractair since 2006, about why he chose to fly for Aegean Airlines and his experience applying for the position through Contractair.

Contractair: “What first attracted you as a candidate to want to work for Aegean Airlines?”

Captain Marian Petrache: “Aegean Airlines was my first option when I decided to work as an expat.  In the first place because it is a national airline, not a low-cost carrier, sounding more like my previous employer.  Beside this, I took into consideration the attractiveness of Greek life and environment. Also, being close to my own country, both geographically and culturally, was part of my decision.”

Contractair: “As a location, what would you say is the best part of living and working in Greece?”

Captain Marian Petrache: “I have limited experience in Athens and a little bit more in Thessaloniki. Athens is nice, but with all the frills of living in or close to a big city. Thessaloniki has a good combination of attractiveness of a quite big and cosmopolitan city, and some choices of quiet neighborhoods and closeness to the sea. Good experience overall. I assume that if you want a little bit more of Greece, as you imagine, the islands can be the answer.”

Contractair: “What has been a highlight so far of working with Aegean?”

Captain Marian Petrache: “On my limited experience, I can say that I am happy with the operation. Very good support from all areas, especially maintenance and operations. Well-handled rosters and any rostering issues. Well trained people to fly with. Good inter-cockpit communication. Though sometimes, I feel like it will be better to know Greek.”

Contractair: “How did you first hear about Contractair and why did you choose to work with them?”

Captain Marian Petrache: “My first contact with Contractair was quite a long time ago, in 2006. By chance, despite my very low experience as a civil pilot, I got a contract via the agency and everything was above my expectations regarding support and payment. Consequently, I was always keeping an eye on their website. So, when I was out for a job, it was my first choice.”

Contractair: “How was the process of applying with Contractair? Did you feel supported through your journey?”

Captain Marian Petrache: “The process was smooth. All of the team were extremely supportive.”

Contractair: “What would you say is the biggest advantage of working with Contractair?”

Captain Marian Petrache: “I am quite happy with their handling of contracts and overall support.”

Has Captain Marian Petrache’s experiences with Aegean Airlines sparked your interest in beginning a career with Europe’s Best Regional Airline of 2018? We currently have several positions available – from experienced A320 Captains and First Officers, to First Officer cadets – so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

For information regarding the A320 Captains and First Officers role, or to apply, contact Jordan Brown on +44 (0) 1256 368 500, or email jordan.brown@resourcegroup.co.uk. For First Officer cadets, please contact Stephanie on +44 (0) 1256 368 500, or email stephanie.elbert@resourcegroup.co.uk.

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