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Learning Design team create bespoke eLearning for a new blended learning approach

Our Learning Design team have recently created a bespoke eLearning product. See below the case study. 

Case Study:  Business Improvement Techniques

 Brief: To create an engaging bespoke eLearning for a new blended learning approach. This is a small topic within the Apprentices training course. It must have an activity assessment within to check their knowledge and confidence on applying the learning within the workplace.

History: This is a new approach to adding eLearning to the existing face to face training.

Our proposal: The learners use mostly smart tablets, so we need to ensure the learning is easy to use and readable. As this is a piece of self-learning with an activity assessment, we needed to break away slightly from a corporate template to make it as engaging as possible. We still need to include the corporate colour pallet and embrace company standards. Adding a Personal Responsibilities Statement (PRS) will give the control back to the learner making sure they learn the required content.

Outcome: The eLearning look, feel and functionality turned out just as we proposed. We used a mixed media approach of photos, block colour, illustrations, video and weblinks to give a multi-functional outcome. Illustrations are the best alternative to photographs when showing processes and tasks. We created a menu page which then branches out into the 15 Outcomes of the learning. This is a great way to break down the learning into manageable topics. At the end of the outcomes a PRS compliance statement is then launched checking that the learner feels confident in applying those outcomes into their role. Once they feel competent, they then move onto an assessment activity. There are two to choose from depending whether they are on the Fixed Wing or Rotary Blade training course. This activity is fully illustrated within an empty hangar where the learner needs to then add all the correct elements to be able to maintain that particular aircraft. Once they have passed this an on-screen certificate is produced. Our Stakeholder on this project bought in from the beginning giving us a large amount of freedom to create something bespoke. They are very happy with the final product and can’t wait to move onto the next topic to add this into their new blended learning approach.

 If you are looking for a bespoke eLearning product then email att.info@resourcegroup.co.uk or call 01285 772690



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