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Now live! Resource Group are exhibiting on the Aviation Job Search online Aviation and Aerospace Job Fair.



The Aviation and Aerospace online job fair is now LIVE. We are now exhibiting online for the entire aviation and aerospace industry to see.

What is an online job fair?
As a candidate you will be able to go online and discover multiple job and training opportunities, watch live webinars and speak with exhibitors through text, audio or video chat. It’s similar in nature to a live event, except you don’t have to physically go anywhere as the whole event is online!

By viewing the online job fair it will enable us to capture talent and conduct interviews in a virtual hiring event that breaks free from all geographical and capacity constraints that a live event contains. We have been given the ability to engage with jobseekers through a visually immersive experience like no other!

We will be online from now until 5pm. For more information and to enter the online job fair click here.



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