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Part-CAMO Familiarisation & Psychoactive Substance Awareness eLearning courses launched

Resource Training Solutions bolster their eLearning portfolio with the addition of two brand new courses. In our ongoing commitment to support our customers with regulatory requirements for training, Resource Training Solutions have identified, designed and developed market leading products for the newly constituted Part CAMO and Psychoactive Substance Awareness regulations. The courses which are mandated by either UK CAA, EASA and GCAA will be hosted and deployed through our iAcademy; the digital training host of Resource Training Solutions. More information on the courses are below:

Part-CAMO Familiarisation: View course

What do you know about Part-CAMO? In the past, all you needed to know about continuing airworthiness management was contained in EASA’s Part-M. As from September 2021, the requirements for organisations carrying out continuing airworthiness management tasks on complex or commercial aircraft has been moved out of Part-M into a new part – Part-CAMO.

This course will ensure that you are up to date with the requirements set out by EASA and the UK CAA regarding Part-CAMO.

Who is it suitable for:

This course has been designed for learners that are both familiar and not familiar with the Part-M (pre-September 2021) legislation regarding continuing airworthiness. This is done by offering experienced Part-M learners the opportunity to fast-track to the module that covers the new Part-CAMO.

The course is suitable for managers, licenced engineers, quality auditors, maintenance planners and any personnel who will have or currently have accountability, or wish to gain accountability, in Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations (CAMOs) in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Psychoactive Substance Awareness: View course

The use of psychoactive substances* is a growing threat to the health and safety of people throughout the world. People working in stressful environments often use them as a coping tool, but there is a risk of habitual use or addiction. The welfare of aviation workers, the lives and property entrusted to them are of utmost importance. All aviation workers share the responsibility to ensure that aviation duties are never compromised and that they are fully aware of the dangers of using alcohol or other drugs. Any use of psychoactive substances will not allow the safe performance of critical aviation duties, can endanger the public, and undermine their trust in the aviation transport system. The course aims to provide aviation sector employees with relevant information on how psychoactive substances can affect their lives, jobs, and public safety. There is a focus on how safety management, health promotion, screening, treatment, advice, support, and rehabilitation will benefit employees.
Without the use of substances, aviation personnel will provide safer services, be more efficient, be better able to compete, save money and protect their health, without losing their ability to be sociable or relax.

Importantly, this course is aligned to the ICAO guidelines on the Prevention of Problematic Use of Substances in the Aviation Workplace. The aviation industry has an obligation to ensure all safety critical staff complete this course regularly to develop attitudes that discourage psychoactive substance use in the industry.

*Psychoactive Substances include alcohol, cannabinoids, cocaine, hallucinogens, hypnotics, nootropics opioids, psychostimulants, sedatives, and volatile solvents. Tobacco and caffeine are not included. (ICAO 1995: vi).

Who is it suitable for:

The course is suitable for safety-sensitive personnel who might endanger aviation safety if they perform their duties and functions improperly. This includes, but is not limited to, flight crew members, ground crew, air traffic controllers and aircraft maintenance personnel.

Resource Training Solutions in-house Learning Design team have a strong pipeline of new eLearning products which are due to be launched in the coming weeks and months; a high priority initiative of ours to ensure our digital offering continues to grow in the future.

Both of these courses can be purchased directly through our website under our eLearning portfolio.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Penny White at Penny.White@Resourcegroup.co.uk 

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