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Resource Group adapt delivery methods to ensure training continues in Iceland

Since 2009 Resource Group has been in partnership with the Icelandic Technical School in Reykjavik, delivering a B1.1 Technician Training programme on the island. Previously, aspiring maintainers had been trained at a variety of locations around the world but the growing demand from Icelandair and many other operators on the island merited the set up of a local solution.

Our Training Solutions business played an integral part in a coalition with the Icelandic Flight Academy, the Icelandic Technical Schools, most of the operators on the island and critically the Icelandic Trade Unions to facilitate and deliver the first ever 2400 hours training programme in Iceland, a solution that has endured to the present day.

Due to the global impact of Covid-19, all training programmes have shut down on the island due to government restrictions on gatherings and a requirement for strict social distancing. The ability to adapt and think innovatively during these times will be critical for businesses to weather the storm. Resource Group have therefore been working tirelessly to think of ways to evolve and continue training throughout the outbreak, in particular while still abiding by strict aviation maintenance training regulations.

Iceland is a perfect example of this where our B1.1 Technician Training programme is now able to continue through a solution developed in close consultation with the CAA to deliver theoretical modules remotely. Using specialised remote learning software, we are delivering high quality instruction to students wherever they may be located, ensuring programme continuity but most importantly individual safety.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, we are hopeful that innovative solutions developed now will help us provide an even more flexible service to our clients when the cloud of the global pandemic is no longer hanging over our industry.

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