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Resource Group Apprenticeships Relaunch – Route to Cat B

A message from our Managing Director, Ian Fitzpatrick.

As we cautiously begin to emerge from the effects of the pandemic, our unique position as an industry embedded training provider has seen us directly affected and acutely aware that standing alongside our clients to adapt and eventually overcome the enormous challenges that have arisen will be more important than ever.   Against this demanding backdrop, Resource Group has undertaken a root and branch review of its apprenticeship programme.

The review, undertaken over the course of the last year had the clear objective to improve, do better and be ready to support our clients in collectively meeting the new challenges head on. Emphasis was placed not only on operational effectiveness but also the closest attention was paid to maintaining our quality of delivery and the needs of the learner.

Our programme has always had the purpose of creating Cat B Certifying staff while using the Cat A qualification as a steppingstone and filter. Our approach has been designed for the industry, takes no longer than going directly to Cat B and has a multitude of operational and commercial advantages over other approaches that I would be only too happy to cover in detail.

The key points in our refreshed approach:

  • All options will continue to be free of any training cost to the employer.
  • We have developed a wide range of new flexible delivery options to reduce travel and accommodation costs to be offered wherever possible alongside our traditional delivery at the Cotswold Airport. We are keen to work with you, fully understand your local and regional needs and develop the ideal model for you and your apprentices.
  • Other considerations such as specification of programme practical tasks to meet local demands (what tasks do you do most often?), incorporation of client specific paperwork and working practices and embedding instructional and assessment staff within your facilities etc.
  • We are making our largest ever internal investment of £2.5M to revolutionise our Part 66 courseware and delivery. Completely rewritten with the focus on pedagogical content and enrichment and having an embedded, bona fide distance learning function enabling students to reinforce understanding and review lessons away from the workplace. The project has been started and will be complete by the end 2022 with individual modules rolled out as they become available.
  • Linked to the previous point we are busy implementing the far-reaching recommendations of a 59 page ‘Success Rate Improvement’ report commissioned during the pandemic with the specific aim of improving first time pass rates.
  • We will be greatly improving apprenticeship reporting and support systems. Detailed monthly reports, improved performance feedback, check of exam readiness for example. Also, the internal funding and development of an apprenticeship focussed IT system and enhanced dedicated apprentice welfare and support functions.
  • Last but not least we stand ready to fully support our clients with recruitment events, activities and processes based on our 17 years track record of successful apprenticeship recruitment and delivery.

Apprenticeships are at the very core of what we do. I am leading the apprenticeship relaunch personally and will be endeavouring to organise face to face meetings with you in the coming weeks so that I can fully understand your needs. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me directly for further information –  ian.fitzpatrick@resourcegroup.co.uk

Many thanks, Ian.

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