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Resource Group host virtual annual conference.

The year 2020 forced millions of office workers to work remotely from home with the only contact with colleagues being via email, daily Zoom meetings and phone calls. The rapid spread of technology accelerated by the pandemic has led to businesses across the globe to adapt. The shift to digital solutions has continued early into 2021 with Resource Group’s Training Solution business moving its annual staff conference online.

It is crucial for us to ensure that we interact as best as we can with our staff and keep everyone updated on key areas of the business and motivate everyone for the year ahead of us. The virtual conference was an opportunity to highlight key areas of the training business and bring everyone together after a well-deserved holiday break. The online 2021 conference was a success, but it was clear to see that like many office workers across the globe, we all find ourselves missing a physical space with colleagues.

More than likely, we’ll continue to see a rise in online conferences and events over the next year or so which has many benefits, however we are hopeful that our annual company conference will be back to its normal physical environment where staff can be amongst one another, not merely across a screen.

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