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Resource Group Part-66 training – how does it work?

For those wishing to become a licensed engineer, the scale of the task ahead can seem vast. Achieving the status of Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME) is no mean feat, and must be undertaken with an understanding of the effort, expense (if self-funding) and perseverance required to succeed within the aviation industry. With this in mind, our aim is to ‘lighten the load’ on aspiring aircraft mechanics, by simplifying our course timetables and providing an easy, cost-effective and flexible approach to studying towards a Part-66 licence.

Usually those wishing to book a Part-66 course with us will either be looking to obtain one of the following licences, as these are the three primary categories that we deliver on an ‘open enrolment’ schedule.

·        B1.1 (mechanical, fixed-wing)

·        B1.3 (mechanical, rotary)

·        B2 (avionics)

We run each of the modules required by the CAA to apply for any one of these licences several times each year. For a B1 licence, you will require Modules 1-10, 11/12, 15 and 17, for B2 it’s Modules 1-10, 13 and 14. There is a slight variation between B1.1 (fixed wing) and B1.3 (rotary) in that for B1.1 a Module 11 is required, and for B1.3 a Module 12 is required – but the rest remains the same.

It may seem daunting, given the duration of some of the modules required (for example, the Module 13 is a 6-week programme) and many of those studying with us struggle with finding the time in their busy working year to dedicate this amount of time to training. This is why we have split this particular module into two sections – Part A and Part B – meaning that not only the bulk of the expense, but the time away from the workplace is reduced significantly. As an organisation we listen very carefully to the feedback we receive from our students, and amend our schedules accordingly when possible.

All of the Part-66 modules for B1.1, B1.3 and B2 are usually run up to three times (per module) a year, and can be booked via our website (Click here). Simply chose the applicable licence category, select a module and pick the most suitable date. Once selected, add the required module(s) to the shopping cart and click to purchase.

After a course has been booked, an email confirmation will be sent including login details allowing access the PDF course notes and joining instructions. Some modules require an element of self-study prior to the classroom based part of the training, for these modules the self-study notes will also become available at this point.

After completing your first Part-66 examination, the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) then stipulates that you have a further 10 years to complete all modules relevant to a specific licence category, and obtain the required about of ‘on-the-job’ practical experience within an actual maintenance environment.

To view our list of Part-66 modules and book today click here: https://www.resourcegroup.co.uk/technical-training/part-66-training/




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