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Resource Group Steps in to Save Apprenticeships

Throughout 2020, there has been a significant focus on what impact the Covid-19 pandemic is having on our industry. With the constant media attention, the impact on those merely starting their career in aviation can get lost. The pandemic and the ongoing economic uncertainty had a direct effect on Apprenticeship training across all sectors. As a result, the UK has seen Apprenticeship programmes decline by 50%. The future for current apprentices has and continues to be at risk as a direct result of the on-going pandemic, Resource Group firmly believes that it is our collective responsibility to acknowledge this impact and make changes to safeguard the future of the next generation of skilled workers.

As an aviation industry-embedded organisation, Resource Group has felt the full effect of the current COVID-19 travel restrictions. Beyond the headline grabbing impact, we also see what the current situation is doing for the future of aviation maintenance, with opportunities being lost for apprentices to complete their approved programmes. Fundamentally, this is due to a significant reduction in flying activity, meaning a lesser requirement for maintenance, which in turn reduces or removes opportunities for hands on experience – putting into practice the skills and knowledge the apprentices have acquired. This loss of opportunity is damaging, but the situation worsens when employers have no option other than the heart-breaking decision to make their apprentices redundant.

A survey conducted on behalf of organisations currently employing apprentices reveals that, on average, only 40% of Apprenticeships are continuing as normal, with the rest facing learning disruptions, furlough or even worse, made redundant. Not only are the apprentices feeling the impact of the pandemic, but so are the employers and training providers who are also under great financial strain.

Recognising the potential loss of these highly motivated and focussed individuals to other industries and roles, Resource Group has stepped in to directly employ a group of apprentices that have been made redundant, through a sister company to our EASA Part-147 approved training organisation, LRTT Ltd. In doing this, Resource Group has made it possible for these individuals to continue their learner journey and gain the all-important workplace experience and evidence to secure their Aircraft Maintenance Licenses.

This offer of continued employment will retain them for the aviation industry, ready to fill the inevitable skills gaps that will appear once aviation resumes its vital role in moving people around the world. The opportunity in the next 12 months to complete their fully approved Part-66 CAT A programme, and complete their apprenticeship is a perfect illustration of the strength of Resource Groups position as an industry embedded training provider.

The apprentices will be placed in their former employers EASA Part 145 maintenance facilities albeit now employed directly by Resource Group, once again demonstrating Resource Groups commitment to stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients in the current crisis for our industry.

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