Resource Group’s brand new EWIS eLearning is now available

Resource Group’s Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems (EWIS) online training courses have been developed to cover Target Groups 1-8 as specified by Annex III to ED Decision 2008/007/R of 29/08/2008 AMC20-22.

Modules included in the training are as follows:

Module A – General EWIS Practices

Module B – Wiring Practices Documentation

Module C – Inspection

Module D – Housekeeping

Module E – Wire

Module F – Connective Devices

Module G – Connective Device Repair


We have a range of three courses including Target Groups 1 & 2, Target Groups 3, 4 & 5 and Target Groups 6, 7 & 8. EASA mandate that refresher/continuation training is carried out every 2 years.

Outlined below is an overview of each target group as per ED Decision 2008/007/R:

Target Group 1 – Qualified staff performing EWIS maintenance

Target Group 2 – Qualified staff performing maintenance inspections on wiring systems

Target Group 3 – Qualified staff performing electrical/avionic engineering on in-service aeroplanes

Target Group 4 – Qualified staff performing general maintenance/inspections not involving wire maintenance (LRU change is not considered wire maintenance).

Target Group 5 – Qualified staff performing other engineering or planning work on in-service aeroplanes

Target Group 6 – Other service staff with duties in proximity to EWIS

Target Group 7- Flight deck crew

Target Group 8 – Cabin crew


On successful completion of the course and exam a certificate of completion will be available.

With a strong emphasis on quality, customer satisfaction and a growing product range, Resource Group is best placed to be your online training provider of choice.


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