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Safeguarding policy goes above and beyond

Staff at our Aviation Technical Training centre at Cotswold Airport have recently undergone additional training from the NSPCC in safeguarding young people under the age of 18 in their care.

All companies who employ or train young people under 18 have a responsibility toward those legally classed as children. Apprenticeships put young people in what is sometimes their first working environment and at Cotswold Airport we have a very unique situation. Students undertake a wide range of technical and classroom activities amongst others with a broad age range. We believe it is paramount to giving extra attention to their welfare, beyond what is the standard requirement.

The safeguarding training has given us the opportunity as an organisation to step-up the policy and go above and beyond the minimum requirements for our apprentices. There are 40 apprentices currently in training onsite for clients such as Bond Offshore and CHC and these apprentices will benefit from the revised policies.

Pete Foreman is Training Manager and Designated Safeguard Officer for the Aviation Technical Training centre. He said: “The additional training for our staff from the NSPCC has given us the extra knowledge we needed to review our existing policies and enhance our procedures further.

“The apprentices are sent to train with us from all over the UK and these updates will give their employers and parents or carers the peace of mind that we’re delivering absolute operational excellence whilst we are responsible for them.”

Pete will be assisted in the care and monitoring of all our young students by two other trained members of staff. If the situation arises, contact will be made with the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO).

If you have any questions about the safeguarding of young people in our care please don’t hesitate to contact Pete Foreman peter.foreman@resourcegroup.co.uk

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