Increasingly complex payroll and employment scenarios faced by our clients has led to a growth in demand for our services. These challenges will continue to increase as new regulations come into place, and include:

  • A finite supply of qualified labour
  • Increased international recognition of qualifications (EASA, ICAO etc)
  • A highly mobile workforce
  • Rapid growth of emerging airlines drawing away experienced personnel
  • Clients opening multi-bases for flight crew and other personnel ‘attraction’
  • Increasing regulation, legal oversight, and stiffening penalties for non-compliance

Our international payroll services are uniquely positioned to help manage the complexity, and commercial risk associated with non-compliance, this creates.

Our Services:

  • Offices currently in seven countries
  • Offers ‘on-shore’ payrolls covering more than 20 jurisdictions and growing
  • Take our clients payroll complexity and make it ‘our business’ allowing them to focus on doing what they do best
  • Dedicated key account managers that are tasked with staying close to client goals facilitated through one only touch point for all jurisdictions
  • Will engage in dialogue with unions and other professional organisations to help facilitate harmonious working relationships for our clients, by setting industry benchmarks and best practice.

For ‘new country requirements’ we work in partnership with our clients, to establish legal and compliant payrolls in new jurisdictions, in accordance with local Government regulations and requirements. This enables complex employment scenarios, without the need for necessarily setting up ‘physical entities’ for the end user. This is an extremely cost effective and nimble approach to being able to react quickly to business demands.

Our experience working with unions and other professional organisations helped to facilitate harmonious working relationships through setting industry benchmarks and best practice. We understand that working with outsource providers is not about the ‘casualisation’  of a workforce but about remaining competitive and ensuring things are done the right way.