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Spotlight Campaign #1: Meet Louise


Hi, I  am Louise Diedericks and I have the privilege of heading up the Training Development and Technologies division of Resource Group. I joined Resource Group in August 2018, upon which the Training Development team consisted of 2 members.  6 months later, the team is 17 members strong, and outgrown the office at the Kemble hanger, and now moved to the control tower at the Cotswolds airport.


I come from a corporate background, mainly in the Food & Beverage Industry. I completed my Diploma in Culinary Arts at the Prue Leigh college of Food and Wine, and cheffed for 10 years, working the long hard shifts in the kitchens and banqueting corporations after moving into Management.  I obtained my Honours degree in Business Management, which led me to heading up the training and human resources division for Bidvest, where my passion for Training Development and Learning was born.  I led the development and implementation of full qualification, Management and leadership programmes, to smaller skills programmes and life lesson skills, and launched the online academy.


When it comes to skillset, it always feels to me that most people will say the same/similar thing, ~ timekeeping, leadership, entrepreneurial, planning, innovative etc, whilst I believe I do poses these skills, I believe, that my background in working from the bottom of the food chain, to where I am today, has given me the ability and skill to identify talent and ability in individuals and mentor and guide individuals into being the best they can.  Similar to the legend of “The David” of Michelangelo ~ according to legend, when a young boy asked the great Renaissance artist, Michelangelo why he was working so hard hitting a block of marble, the artist replied, “young man, there is an angel inside this rock, and I am setting him free”

In my opinion, attitude exceeds skills, as one can be taught any skills with the right attitude.  Having the right people, with great attitudes, allows one to develop a team of skilled people, who complement each other’s strengths and weakness’s and allows one to build an organisation which is positive, productive and successful.


  • We are currently working on numerous projects for a client in Saudi Arabia, one which is aviation based, and the other which is commercially based.  We are developing a City & Guilds alighted course, with full course documentation, cross-mapping, practical assessments, an exam data base.
  • We have just taken over 143 E-learning programmes from our sister company, and look forward to putting our personal touch and expertise to the range of programmes.  We are also currently involved with SONAS aviation in creating E-learning content for them, as well as EasyJet.
  •  We have recently taken over the management of the TAG aviation Technical library, and will be enhancing all of their E-Learning programmes, and developing new ones.
  • We have developed a Salam Supply Chain program for a client, which is bespoke to their processes and procedures.
  • We have three new E-Learning programs currently being finalised, ready for launch in April ~ Human Factors, EWIS, Fuel Tank Safety.


The Design and Development department include a team of individuals who have the following skillsets. Designers, with experience in graphics animation and video. Developers who can build, code and implement bespoke requirements. Curriculum designers that plan and apply learning theory. Editors that maintain quality with their exceptional eye for detail and write clear and concise content.

Below are some examples of the capabiltities of the Development and Design team:

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Gap analysis
  • Course Development
  • Course cross-mapping alignment to legislation
  • E-Learning development and enhancement
  • Motion Graphics
  • Animation

If you are interested in our services and would like to discuss your requirement then email att.info@resourcegroup.co.uk or call 01285 772690.

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