To book a course, click the appropriate training category below. You will then be able to select the module or course required via the drop-down menu, and check available training dates. To book a specific date for your course, select the required date and click ‘Add to Basket’.

Once booked and paid for, any relevant study notes will be available in the ‘Downloads’ section of your Resource Group account, your joining instructions and course confirmation letter will be emailed. All modules include an examination on the last day of the training .

Once you have selected your training criteria below, you will be able to view the module content at the bottom of the page.

If you have limitations on your licence, and require specific sub-modules in order to remove your limitations please call 01285 772690 for further information on sitting tailored examinations to fulfill CAA requirements.

Below you can view the training schedule for each licence category.

To view the B1 2019 training schedule click here: B1 2019 Calendar

To view the B2 2019 training schedule click here: B2 2019 Calendar.



To view the B2-B1.1 training schedule click here: B2-B1.1 2019 Calendar

To view the B2-B1.3 training schedule click here: B2-B1.3 2019 Calendar

To view the B1-B2 Licence Extension training schedule click here: B1-B2 licence Extension 2019 Calendar.