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The Effect of COVID-19

The effect of COVID-19 on the Aviation sector has been well documented, with organisations and service providers throughout the supply chain experiencing significant challenges in all aspects of their business. With the current global travel restrictions in place and widespread uncertainty, the demand across civil aviation has plummeted, leaving organisations having to stabalise costs and adapt to the new way of working.

This has impacted our own business; with the majority of our Apprenticeship clients operating in the civil aviation market, their priorities have understandably changed from investing in the future to simply surviving.  Being industry embedded and standing shoulder to shoulder with our clients, it quickly became obvious that we would need to adapt and innovate our Apprenticeship delivery model to endure in the ‘brave new world’ post Covid and to enable our clients to continue to invest in the next generation of aviation maintainers.

This imperative has resulted in the development of our ‘Deployed Delivery’ EASA Part 66, Cat A – Level 3 Apprenticeship; a brand new precursor to the EASA Part 66 Cat B – Level 4 Apprenticeship which follows on directly and completes the qualification set.  Whereas all elements of the training were previously delivered at our Cotswold Airport facility, including the theoretical, workshop and on-aircraft phase, we are now able to offer a hybrid solution where all theoretical modules, workshops elements and a significant proportion (up to 100%) of the on aircraft practical training are delivered at the client site.  This does of course depend on workshop facilities being available and access to aircraft being organized locally.  The evolution of our Level 3 program has clear benefits for our clients not least of which is the saving of many thousands of pounds in apprentice travel and accommodation costs, critical in such challenging times.

After lengthy periods of preparation, planning and liaison with Apprenticeship awarding bodies, our first deployed Level 3 Apprenticeship program began on 12th October 2020 for our clients based in Bournemouth. We are delighted to have onboarded Apprentices from Cobham Aviation Services, Signature Technic Air, JETS and GAMA Aviation bringing some much-needed positive news for our industry at this time.

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us all, and will continue to do so, however with necessity being the mother of invention, we must collectively grasp the opportunities to evolve and innovate and to overcome the many hurdles in place; our deployed Level 3 Apprenticeship program is a fine example of this. A big thank you must go to our own Apprentice Centre and Operations teams, and of course our clients for their continued support.

We look forward to updating you on the cohort’s progress and sharing this offering with our other clients.

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