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The Value of Outplacement

No one expects to be laid-off or to have to announce it to their employees, even less in times of crisis when the working scenarios are so uncertain; however, and unfortunately, some organisations must announce redundancy which can create difficult situations and stressful conversations within the company.

Implementing an outplacement program and providing more than just economical compensation for redundancy can soften the transition for both the company and more importantly the employee.

Guided by their team of experts, Resource Group has officially implemented outplacement solutions as a response to the current market situation. We guide employees and help them to reinforce their employability and turn their redundancies into the opportunity for change and progression. We also support companies in their corporate responsibility and social commitment.

Our offer is tailormade outplacement programs (one-to-one and small/large groups combinable) for companies who have unfortunately affected either by reduction of operations, workload, financials, or in the event of merge & acquisitions; adapted to the companies budget/needs.

When a company invests in supporting people who may no longer remain as an employee it reinforces their reputation and brand for the leaver as well as for those who stay. This way, the employment termination process is less stressful, reducing the emotional component both for departing employees and for those who remain.

Moreover, outplacement support provides those employees facing redundancy with the necessary tools for a smooth transition the next stage in their professional career as well as allowing them to successfully face the new challenges with confidence and optimism.

Our bespoke outplacement designs focus on areas including, but not limited to, support and advice, career guidance, workshops, skills, and facing a new job.

For further information on how our team can help you implement an outplacement program contact us via email: info@resourcegroup.co.uk

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