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There’s life in the O’l Dominie yet: BAE Systems Maintenance apprentices trained by Resource Group receive ex-RAF training aircraft

On the 20th February, two ex-RAF aircraft will be flown into the RJ Mitchell Aircraft Maintenance Academy at Humberside, to complement the three BAE Systems Hawk trainers being used as part of Resource Group’s training contract to train the next generation of BAE Systems’ aircraft maintenance technicians.

The aircraft will be maintained in a ground taxiing condition and apprentices will use them for live flight line training for the Forward Operating Environment.

Dominie aircraft, formally known as the Dominie T1, were retired in 2011 after 45 years in service with the RAF. They are the military training version of the Hawker Siddeley 125 twin-jet business aircraft, originally built at Hatfield by a legacy BAE Systems company and were previously used to train rear crew in preparation for their roles aboard fast jets such as the Typhoon and Tornado. They were acquired by Resource Group specifically as technician training aircraft. The aircraft have been held at Cotswold Airport and prepared to flight readiness status by C2 Aviation. They will be captained by Wally Epton, who is also Chairman of the Historic Aircraft Association.

Ian Fitzpatrick, Managing Director of Resource Group’s Aviation Technical Training division said: “These aircraft will give the maintenance apprentices the practical hands-on training that is vital to their development, ensuring the future workforce is as highly skilled as possible. The movement of the aircraft to the new facility heralds the beginning of a new life in the training environment for these ex-RAF aircraft for which they are eminently well suited.”

The 24 month apprenticeship programme includes academic classroom based modules and on-the-job practical training. At the end of the scheme, the apprentices will join the BAE Systems team to support the RAF. The academy, currently under construction, will officially open in October 2015 with up to 60 new apprentices expected to start each year,

The academy is a joint venture between Resource Group, BAE Systems, Humberside Airport and North Lincolnshire Council.

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